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mark-sheppardMark Sheppard
Supernatural, Doctor Who,
Firefly, Medium,
Battlestar Galactica

joel-hodgsonJoel Hodgson
Mystery Science Theater 3000,
Cinematic Titanic,
Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Nicholas BrendonNicholas Brendon
Buffy the Vampire Slayer,
Criminal Minds,

kelly-hu-2Kelly Hu
Arrow, X-Men 2,
The Vampire Diaries,
Phineas and Ferb

sandeep-parikhSandeep Parikh
The Legend of Neil,
The Guild

Chad Rook
The Flash, Sanctuary,
Supernatural, Cult,

eric-garciaEric Garcia
SyFy’s Face Off,
Ocean Park Hong Kong,
Universal Studios

Erin_GrayErin Gray
Star Trek Continues, The Guild,
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century,
Silver Spoons

Dana Snyder
Aqua Teen Hunger Force,
The Venture Bros., Squidbillies,
Adventure Time

WidgettJohn Widgett Robinson
Need Coffee,
‘Love Letters Unsent
to People Unmet’

David “Doc” O’Connell
SyFy’s Face Off

candy-keane-jedi-junkiesCandy Keane
Costume Designer,
Jedi Junkies covergirl,
Three Muses Inspired Clothing

Paul Vincenti
“Something Strange,”
Association of Science Fiction
& Fantasy Artists

Will Ludwigsen
Asimov’s Science Fiction,
Weird Tales, Cemetery Dance
and “In Search Of and Others”

George LoweGeorge Lowe
Space Ghost Coast to Coast,
Robot Chicken,
Aqua Teen Hunger Force

dementia-von-grimm-the-conmotherDementia von Grimm
(The ConMother)
Gorgeous Freaks, Trash
Cinema Collective, Con-sigliere

Dalton Cyr
Performer, singer/songwriter,
Douglas Anderson
School of the Arts

Scott Gardner
Co-founder of the
“Two True Freaks!”
Internet Radio Network

Kingdom of Karza

The Ken Spivey Band

Whovian Singles Night
(hosted by Ken Spivey)

brema-ebbingBrema Ebbing
Costume Designer,
Supersized Cosplay Model,
Award-Winning Cosplayer

Lynn Conradt-Eberlin
Write Book Drive,
K. L. Murgatroyd

Richard Lee Byers
Forgotten Realms Universe,
Blind God’s Bluff,
The Spectral Blaze

Jamie PearceJamie Pearce
Historic Haunts Investigations